Saturday, 5 September 2009

Tandoori Chicken and Other BBQ treats

This weekend was the second annual Keytree BBQ. If we keep growing at this rate then we'll not be having this at my place next year...a good and a bad thing.

So anyway - with 30+ people coming round - it was the perfect excuse to fire up the Tandoor. However - this time Lou stole the show with her fantastic array of side dishes as you will see below.

Not many pictures of the cooking process in this post - far to much going on, but I did manage a few of the end result.

A mountain of sausages

One of Lou's - baked chickpeas with roasted pine nuts. Fantastic.

Still has trouble getting the tandoor super hot

But the results were worth it

Grated beetroot with yoghurt

Homemade coldslaw

Bulgar wheat salad. Thanks Lou

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