Thursday, 24 September 2009

Indian Omlette

Sunday morning.
Years ago, some friends of ours (Keith and Cathy) made us a fantastic omlette on a Sunday monring whilst we were visiting their fabulous Trullo. I've never forgotton how nice it was (Keith's addition of some Indian spices) and I've often tried - and failed to recreate it.

Success this Sunday!

Frying the mushrooms, onions and chilli

Adding the well beaten egg

Dropped it on the stove !

Eh Voila !
The addition of a pinch of Garam Masalla was the secret for me. Keith ?

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Actually, our version is just onion, garlic and chilli. No mushrooms, no Garam Marsala. And just one egg per omelette too, so v thin. A great way to wake up!
Looking forward to you coming back to visit - now you can collect your own eggs from the chooks to make your breakfast!
Will try with funghi and GM tomorrow.
Cathy X