Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thai Hot and Sour Beef Salad

I'd been out the night before to a great South India restaurant in Leicester, and for some reason was feeling very full all day. So - on the drive down the M1, at the point I normally start to think about that evenings meal (i.e. at the first junction!), I was annoyingly distracted by the fullness of my belly. Not that it didn't stop me thinking about hefty meals - it's just that I thought I shouldn't try and 'fit one in'.

I know - a salad!

And in my mind - this is the Daddy of salads. Thinly sliced slivers of charred beef, briefly marinaded in a spicy lime and fish sauce marinade, and served on a bed of salad leaves with plenty of fresh mint and corriander. Perfect!

This is adapted from another of the 'Food of' series - the Food of Thailand. I can't stress again how excellent these books are.

I'm not normally a mint fan. I hate it drenched over lamb (it's way too overpowering). However, I think it makes this meal. Along with the steak.........

I'd racked up the grill pan to super hot - to get that lovely combination of char-grilled outside and pink and moist in the middle.

Very thinly slicing the meat makes all the difference...

(this is how I do my steak sarnies also - sooo much easier to eat)

Added some sliced yellow pepper and a scotch bonnet! Phew!

A nice fat close up - and very nice it was too....

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