Sunday, 10 May 2009

Imam Bayildi

Hmm...coming back from a 3-1 defeat by Chelsea - so it was time for something to console the soul! We diverted via Green Lanes and bought a few random turkish ingredients. Whenever I go to Cafe Gallipoli on Upper Street, I often have Iman Bayildi. My memory of this was a very tomatoey, baked aubergine but definately (I'm sure) with lamb.

However, getting out my new Turkish Cooking cookbook, and also cross referencing with Google - and it turns out no Lamb. Oh Dear. Iman Bayildi means 'The Holy Man Fainted' - apparently with the gallons of Olive Oil that the original receipes uses. So, as I regard all receipes as a starting point - and because I'd just bought some lamb, and because there really was a bucket amount of Olive Oil - it was time for slight variation....

I always fry off my mince whe I use it in receipes. I like the slighty crunchy texture - and I tend to drive off all the excess liquid.

Ready to go in the oven - 45mins....

Something about doing this makes me feel like a real cook !

Out of the oven. I'd covered it with a layer of cheese. There was loads of liquid - which was fantastic (the receipe called for a cup of water)

The finished article. Smoked Jalapeno, some greek yoghurt, and a small salad of chicory and sorrell fresh from the garden

I liked this photo - because of the gentle steam coming out of the dish

One more shot. This made up for the Chelsea defeat. Actually - it didn't - but it was superb!

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