Monday, 30 March 2009


A couple of Lou's friends (Emma and Benn) were coming round for the weekend. So...out with the cookbooks and up popped Cassoulet.

It's from The Food of France, which is part of the 'Food of' series of cookbooks (including Chinese, Indian, Italian and so on). They are the best cookbooks for authentic, clear receipes. One per page with large photos. I rate them very highly...and this from a man who has almost 100 cookbooks!!

I love it - and it's made all the better by having a trip to Borough Market to source the best pictured below

Toulouse Sausage......(Spare ones are excellent in a creamy pasta sauce!)

One of the stars of the show...The Saucisses a cuire. £8 for this little beauty...

You cannot beat Confit de Canard...........

Almost there...

Serve with a strong red and an empty tummy.

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