Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Cabbage Stuffed with Oxtail & Foie Gras

So..this was inspired by a meal in Paris a few weeks ago. Most of the food I'm eating whilst working in Paris is fairly boring, but this one stood out. I had no idea what I was ordering, and it turned out it was the speciality of the restaurant. It was certiainly  superb. Thus, when I was in Riddly Road market the other day, the lure of the oxtail proved too much.

Having found a few recipe ideas, I cobbled this together. The restaurant version had Foie Gras, and so I dusted off 'that' tin from the back of the cupboard.....

I braised the oxtail for 3 hours....

....and had to stop myself eating the whole lot then and there. Such a fantastic flavour

Refeshed cabbage leaves

Mixing in the foie gras



With a lovely wine reduction. Fantastic.

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