Thursday, 30 April 2009

Beef Rendang

I said to Lou that I'd seems like ages since I'd done so (my stag got in the way!).

She wanted something healthy. Ooops!

Anyway, I've always loved the blog Rasa Malaysia, and wanted to cook something from there. So just before leaving work I did a trawl and found the thing I was looking for. Visit the site and take a look - it's great.

I had most of the ingredients at home.....not that that stopped me from passing through China town for some Lemon Grass and yet another jar of pickled something :o)

I used red onions rather than shallots - looks a bit like the Tandoor mix from a few weeks ago. I'd never properly smashed lemon grass before either (only chopped it)....superb flavours given out and had that proper 'grassy / fuzzy' texture that you see so often in real Malaysian dishes.

Half way through - plenty of liquid left to bubble down....but.....

...I'd almost ended up supping it rather than letting it boil down !

The final effort. Superb flavours. Unfortunately it was still quite 'wet'. I've yet to cook a Rendang that goes properly dry and has that fantastic coating of lemon grass and where the meat simply melts in the mouth. However, that may be because Lou and myself became far too impatient and simply had to eat it !


Rasa Malaysia said...

Looks so delish. What you can do is starting eating, but leave the fire on simmer and it will slowly dry out the sauce. Try it. ;)

Justin D. Pereira said...

Haha I know what you mean..Same thing happened to me. Started to take shots and eating it before it got slightly drier.

do your best said...

dryer rendang will be more superb. Try it! =)